Innovest London takes part in the investment world in order to provide high-level consultancy services for foreign investors. The purpose is, providing the best quality service for investors’ unmet needs which always utter by them. As a fast-growing investment consultancy firm, branded under a pool of dedicated professionals, subject matter of experts and advisory team with technical skills. Innovest London provides consultancy services to foreign investors about; establishing a company in Turkey, exportation and importation counseling, buying a company, export marketing, searching investment partnership, starting a new business, participating fairs and numerous fields. Innovest London aims to maximize the status of client companies and their commercial reputation in the global market.

In this context, Innovest London conducts and manages processes for those who aim to get into the global market and growing. These processes are;

  • Processes of finding an adequate company for business strategy and investment in Turkey and buying this company
  • Processes of buying goods, services or raw materials for companies which prefer to supply the needs of goods and raw materials from Turkey through delivering to the required country
  • Researches for finding experienced business partners which have finance infrastructure
  • Participation of sectoral fairs for increase reputation of client companies in the global market
  • All planning, developing and marketing steps which determined for needs of client companies

Director : Nejla Hansu