We provide services for due diligence and after processes of finding an adequate company for your business strategy and investment in Turkey and buying this company with purposes which as get into the global market, growing, etc.

What do we do?

We sponsor for all necessary work and transactions before buying the target company. Our consultancy services are in the below:

  • In behalf of the buyer, searching proper company for strategic goals and making pre-interviews
  • Making a preliminary survey before the decision of buying
  • In behalf of the buyer, making confidentiality agreement with the target company
  • In behalf of the buyer, managing the evaluating process of the target company
  • On behalf of the buyer, carrying out the bargaining with the target company after the evaluating process
  • Carrying out the process of transfer share on behalf of buyers, etc.

Whom we provide services?

Companies and organizations which we provide services for buying company in Turkey are in the below:

  • Firms which want to buy a company in Turkey
  • Firms which want to take over certain parts of shares of any company
  • Firms which want to buy production facility in Turkey, etc.

For providing consulting about finding proper company in Turkey and buying the target company, please fill in the message form to get in contact with us.