We provide services for marketing, sales, and distribution of your goods and services in the Turkish market.

What do we do?

The context of our services for marketing and sales of your goods and services in Turkey:

  • Marketing survey about goods and services for exportation: conditions for getting into the market, permissions and licenses, standards, competition circumstances, regulation about taxes and other issues.
  • Establishing potential buyers (importer, distributor, etc.) and classifying by attributions, etc.
  • Introducing your goods and services to potential buyers
  • Making an entry to sectoral e-commerce platforms for introducing the company and goods
  • Searching distributor and dealer for sale and distribution of goods
  • Having interviews with potential buyers on behalf of client companies and making offers
  • Concluding transport, custom and payment transactions in the case of order
  • Discussing the sales agreement on behalf of the company
  • Ensuring participation in sectoral fairs for the company, etc.

Whom we provide services?

Companies and organizations which we consult export marketing in the below:

  • Firms which want to export their goods in the Turkish market
  • Firms which want to make contracted production to the firms in Turkey
  • Firms which want to export services to the firms in Turkey
  • Other firms which want to export goods or services to Turkey

If you plan to export to Turkey, for getting support which necessary for marketing and sales of your company and goods, please fill in the message form to get in contact with us.