We provide consultancy about processes of buying goods, services or raw materials for companies that prefer to supply the needs of goods and raw materials from Turkey through delivering to the required country.

What do we do?

Context of our functions to provide goods or services from Turkey, in the below:

  • Short marketing survey about import goods
  • Making contacts with vendor companies about import goods and treating with vendor companies about the buying process on behalf of clients
  • Receiving offers and making orders on behalf of clients
  • Negotiating necessary contracts for the buying process on behalf of clients
  • Making necessary arrangements for commercial credits
  • Executing transactions about providing and testing samples
  • Helping about following import custom transactions
  • Searching trustworthiness of vendor companies, etc.

Whom we provide services?

We provide services for all firms which want to import from Turkey. Such as;

  • Importer firms which want to provide goods or raw materials from Turkey
  • Firms which want to get services from companies in Turkey
  • Firms that want to make products to the companies in Turkey.

If you need help and support about importing goods and services from Turkey, please fill in the message form to get in contact with us.