We provide support about; required projection and guidance for participating in sectoral fairs in Turkey and following the participation processes.

What do we do?

Our services which we provide for participation to the preferred fair in the below:

  • Arranging meetings with the organizer company and making necessary agreements and connections
  • Offering advantageous solutions about renting stands for the fair, stand construction, decoration, etc. and following the necessary processes.
  • Following the transportation and custom processes about needed supplies, samples, etc. for the fair
  • Preparing required application files to take advantage of the support provided by the Ministry of Economy for the attending fair.

Whom we work for?

We provide services for all companies and organizations which want to exhibit and advertise their goods and services in sectoral fairs in Turkey.

Why InvePort?

We can offer you many reasons to prefer us, such as;

  • We provide services just for the fairs in Turkey
  • We are in Turkey
  • We offer all solutions with our business partners in Turkey
  • We inform you as an advisory about the Turkish market

We have knowledge of local markets and business processes on account of being located in Turkey, if you want to participate in any sectoral fair in Turkey about your business segment, please fill in the message form to get in contact with us.