Starting a new business in Turkey may take time and requires many official or unofficial works and transactions such as; opening a store or showroom, opening a new branch related to an established company, renting a warehouse for exporting, etc. We conduct all these processes on behalf of you.

What do we do?

In case you decide to start a new business in Turkey, our services which we will provide to you in the below:

  • Searching a convenient location for the workplace, determining rent or sale prices, doing pre-feasibility studies including issues such as; applicable law for the business, processing oriented permits, work permits, and other research issues.
  • Making all necessary works and transactions about establishing a company in Turkey, trademark application and other permits.
  • Following and carrying out transactions on behalf of the company such as; determining the business location for office, store showroom, factory, etc. which planned to open, transactions about buying and renting transactions and other transactions.
  • Searching about grants and financial supports provided by the Ministry of Economy, preparing required application files and making an application for the business which will start in Turkey.

Whom we provide services?

We provide services for companies and organizations which want to start a new business for any reason in Turkey. These are:

  • Firms which want to start a new business in Turkey
  • Firms which want to open a branch in Turkey related their established company
  • Firms which want to open a new store or showroom in Turkey
  • Exporting firms that want to rent a storage area in Turkey in order to stock goods for export.
  • Firms that want to open a production plant in Turkey, etc.

If you want to start a new business in Turkey, please contact us.